Saturday, September 06, 2008

Josiah has pneumonia

Josiah has pneumonia by you.

He had a fever for seven days, he lost nearly two pounds - Josiah has been one sick little dude lately. We went to his doctor the first time and she said "it's probably just teething or a little bug" and sent me home to feed him Tylenol (ick.) So when he as no better on Thursday we went to see the doctor again and this time they did blood work etc. then sent him to have an x-ray of his lungs to "rule out" pneumonia. I got the call later that day that he did indeed have pneumonia and that the doctor had called in a prescription for him. So now he's fever-free and smiling and eating a little but man-o-man he is NOT sleeping. Yesterday the only sleep he got before 9pm was pretty much in my arms nursing. He'll lay there quietly in my arms but he has trouble falling asleep and if I put him in his bed he screams and screams. Poor little guy.

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