Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Katie-Abigail!

This past Friday was Katie-Abigail's third birthday. It was a quiet day, for the most part.
I made waffles

(note to self- don't do that again on a school day).
The big girls were tired from being at school all week, so I promised I'd pick them up from school. After they left I gave Katie-Abigail the little tea set I'd bought her at the consignment store I work at.

We now have a family tradition of buying the birthday balloon at the Dollar Tree so before lunch Katie-Abigail, Josiah and I ran out to buy that and some "pink milk" (like in Charlie & Lola) also, since we have been sick all week and the kitchen is an enormous disaster, I bought a cake from Kroger. (Note to self: don't do that again either) It turned out to be a rediculously little amount of cake under an enourmous amount of crappy, brightly colored icing - ick.

After I picked up the big girls I took them all to Rita's but ended leaving in a hurry when Katie-Abigail and Josiah start s c r e a m i n g - yes, I was that Mom on Friday. It was humbling but I came away from that moment realizing that I'm not a great mom because my kids never misbehave, I can be a great mom by the way I handle their misbehavior. And that was pretty much the day.

Things I LOVE about Katie-Abigail:

Her name. We were told we had a 75% chance of having a boy while I was pregnant with K-A so I was so excited about "finally" having Josiah, but I remember telling Daniel "at least if it does happen to be a girl she'll have a great name" Daniel hates talking about baby names, and I couldn't find any name other than Katie that we both liked. (Emma was almost named Katie - but that is a story for a different day) but there was a couple at church who had twins named Katie & Emma and I didn't want to have the same thing, but then I also didn't want to not name my baby what I wanted because of someone else saying "there's no telling how long these other people will be in our lives" so Daniel and I decided on the double name "Katie-Abigail" The "Abigail" coming from my little sister, who I'm very close to. (My older sister's name is Kathryn so it's kind of like K-A is named after both of my sisters) then she also has the middle name "Elise" which I think it a totally beautiful, perfect midde name.

Her eyes. All of the other children have light eyes, and it was such a pleasure to have a child whose coloring favored mine over Daniel's. Josiah's eyes are turning more green than blue which I think is really cool, but Katie-Abigail looks the most like me, I think. So that is special.

Her ability to bring a smile to our faces. Daniel and Beth tend to favor each other - they get along really well whereas Beth and I don't but then the same is true about Emma and myself. We get along really well but Emma drives Daniel crazy sometimes. Katie-Abigail is our shared favorite child. She ears her emotions right out there for everone to see - the good and the bad. So sometimes that means she's doing her fire-alarm, ear-drum peircing scream, sometimes that means she's the silent ice-princess but othertimes she is increadibly endearing.

Her empathetic nature. Emma is also empathetic, but Katie-Abigail is our most sensitive to how the people around her (another reason why I call her "mini-me") it's so precious to watch those moments of caring between siblings.
The way she says "thank you" and "you're welcome" it is inescribably cute, Daniel has wven said he almost doesn't want to teah her the right way to say "thank you" yet she says "you're welcome" with such clarity that I'm always shocked that it's coming from such a little mouth.

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Marianne said...

Such a sweet post. Your children are so lovely, Faith!