Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I got a new cell phone!!

I upgraded my cell phone last night! I got the cool new Nokia 5310 Xpress Music phone. I love it! (The 5610 is also really cool too but it's not available yet) It's super easy to use, it's slim and very cool looking in black and orange with music controls right there on the body of the phone and a jack so I can hook up earphones or my car's CD player adapter without any extra accessories - sweet!
I first thought about upgrading my cell phone when I was grabbing a couple of CDs to add to my collection in the van and I thought to myself - this is SO last decade. It's normal now to keep your music on your mp3 player, blackberry or whatever. I am going to keep mine on my 1GB memory card that came with my new phone! It was cheaper and more efficient for me to simply upgrade my cell phone rather than buying an mp3 player. I can't wait to load my tunes on my sweet new cell phone.

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