Friday, November 09, 2007

Another Huckabee post

I don't know what y'all think about my "political" posts but I'm gonna' keep on rattlin' away about Mike Huckabee for President. I've actually wanted to write this post for a while but didn't have much to say... but today I found this post over at OneMom's blog about her opportunity to meet Gov. Huckabee. Here's a quote:

We talked a bit about education, and how some conservatives continue to nail him because he actually went to talk to the NEA (National Education Association … of which between 30 and 40% are republicans), and that his vision to restore art, music and physical education back into the schools in all grades causes people to label him a liberal politician who wants to pour huge amounts of money into education and take away parents rights. Public education is the only option many families have (especially in this tough economy), I continue to be amazed at conservatives who blast Mike Huckabee for promoting education.
We also talked about homeschooling (which I am a homeschooling mom). He is the only Governor to ever appoint a homeschooling parent to the State Board of Education. He firmly believes that the administration of schools needs to be at the state level and at the district level. He also firmly believes that as President it would be vital to work with the states to assure that parents had the freedom to make the education decisions for their children - if that’s Public Schools, then let’s make sure they are the best they can be, but that the government at any level must never forget that the children are the parents’, they do not belong to the government. Parents rights to choose public, private, parochial, charter, and homeschool must not be taken away.

Check out the OneMom blog for the rest of the post and some great photos of Gov. Huckabee. I can honestly say that Mike Huckabee is a better Presidential candidate than I could have ever have hoped to see this election. He's strong on the important issues typical of Republicans - abortion, taxes, immigration etc. but he also champions the issues that Republicans tend to neglect - education, energy independence etc. Let's give him a chance to be a positive voice for our Nation.

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