Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mike Huckabee

So last night was the Republican debate. I wasn't able to watch the entire thing but I saw quite a few clips from it online. It was a good oportunity to become a little more familiar with the candidates running for president.
I'm a stay at home mom and not at all "into" politics, everything I know about current politics usually comes from my husband, and generally I've been quite pessimistic about the 2008 presidential election, I just didn't think there were any good candidates, period. My parents usually voted Republican and the one time that I've voted in an election I voted Republican too but I was willing to vote Democrat just to get a good leader, one that would finish what President Bush started, but I didn't know of a good leader on either side at least not one that had a glimmer of a chance of outrunning Clinton & Obama. I asked Daniel who he thought it would all boil down too and he said "Giuliani vs. Clinton" and I said "well why even vote" to which Daniel replied "even Giuliani is better than Hillary Clinton"
But then I found out about Mike Huckabee and I'm a little bit more optimistic. I feel like now I have a candidate I can vote for with confidence and considering that he is already in the top four in the polls, feel that I have a candidate that just might win. Yesterday one of the top national news talk dudes (Michael Medved) said that if the religious conservatives all got behind Mike Huckabee he could definitely win. And according to this poll it looks as though Mike Huckabee is trailing only a little behind (go to page 17 in the .pdf) and, in my opinion, deffinietely has a shot at winning this if we will get behind him and support him.
So last night was quite interesting. I was shocked by some of the candidates and their terrible answers, I was disapointed by the unevenly distributed questions and in the end I was the most satisfied with Huckabee (who I was pre-disposed to approve of) and Romney (but he is a Mormon). Sometime soon I'll write a post comparing the two but for now read this.
Last night Daniel & I gave "a Buck for Huck" which is such a neat idea. I'll deffinitely do it again. Anybody can give $1, right? And if everybody who visits my blog gave just $1 we could raise over $100 for Huckabee's campaign in about one week - now how cool is that?
Well, I need to go, the baby just spit up all over both of us - how lovely - but I'll leave you with this thought. This election matters, it matters a lot. We all know that. You'd have to live in a cave or a commune not to. We can make a difference and we can have hope for the 2008 presidential election. But it starts now.

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Check this out too on YouTube

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