Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Josiah Leeland - 1 week old

This photo was inspired by Amy

Josiah is one week old today! He was weighed today @ the ped.'s office and he was 7lbs 2ozs! Yay, back up to his birth weight! Last Friday he was down to 6lbs 6ozs. That's pretty normal for a breastfed baby, but it's great to know that Josiah's on-track again! While we were at the pediatritian's office we met a really sweet Christian couple (they actually knew who the biblical King Josiah was!) they had four older children and had just adopted a fifth, as we were leaving the mother said something to the effect of "don't stop having babies now." That is the first time I have ever heard someone say anything like that. Usually they ask me if we're done having kids yet. I was so encouraged.
Today is also Daniel's first day back to work - so far, so good. I haven't had a melt-down (yet - the day is still young) or a big bleed, so I'm happy. Actually, I think I'm having a better day than Daniel! Really, I'm feeling pretty good - now that I'm over feeling like I've got rocks in my bra - and I'm really pleased with my recovery.
Josiah has been a dream-baby! Although I'm looking forward to when he's a bit more awake & nursing more regularly. He hardly ever fusses. He loves to poop in a clean diaper! He's already lost his umbillical cord! He's smiled at me more times than I can count. The girls are doing well in general. Katie-Abigail is 100% loving towards Josiah, but she's been crying WAY more than usual and seems to be trying to manipulate me more... two year olds are SO terribly complex! Emma climbed into my lap at lunchtime today and said that she wished that she was the baby. Beth just wants to be the mama! She is constantly asking to hold Josiah... it's so sweet, but overwhelming.
Right now he's sleeping in my arms and he must be having a good dream because he's been smiling in his sleep. Babies can be so very expressive when they sleep! Speaking of sleep - I'm off for my nap!

There are TONS more photos of Josiah on my flickr page


Amy said...

ooh, your baby feet pics are fabulous, much better than mine! I tried again yesterday...but I guess a six-week old squirms a whole lot more than a one-week old :)

jul said...

Congrats! Josiah is adorable and I'm glad to hear you're all doings so well.