Thursday, September 27, 2007

Josiah Leeland - 1 week old Scrapbook pages

Papers are from September's Free Kit "Citrus Freeze" by Anne Langpap downloaded from Alpha blocks are from the Free Kit "Spring Breeze" by Shabby Princess downloaded from Font is MA Flirty


Amy said...

oh my word, Faith--you are too much! I am in awe! How in the world are you caring for three toddlers, a week-old baby, AND scrapbooking?! I could barely care for one week-old baby! these pages are SO cute! I've got to look into digital scrapbooking.

Faith said...

Amy - it's stress relief, pure & simple, okay with maybe a touch of obsession somewhere in there too! But seriously, I take oo-gobs of photos because I can't help myself and I digi-scrap because it calms my nerves. Strange, but effective.

Bethany said...

I am so behind on I think I have two pages for my second boy. You are amazing.

He is so sweet and fresh looking. I want another newborn!!!!!!! Love them.

G'mom Becky said...

Well, actually the cutest under the age of 1. Evan holds the title to the cutest 1 yr old boy!!