Monday, September 10, 2007

37 Weeks

I've hit that "any day now" stage... I still have about twenty days until my due date but I am just itching to get this baby out of me! I've been having contractions all day, every day, with harder contractions at night. Nothing as bad as some of my friends have had and nothing close to false labor, so I think I've come to terms with the fact that none of these contractions are indicators that I'm going to have this baby soon, I've just hit a new plateau of uncomfortableness (if that is really a word). Thankfully today I fell better than I have for probably a month! I've been getting my laundry done and cleaning the house. My sister said "maybe you'll get your house all in order and then go into labor!" That sure would be nice, so long as it's tomorrow morning and not tonight when I'm already exhausted :-) Although it's so much easier to be patient on a day like today when I feel good.
Katie-Abigail has finally caught onto the idea of a new baby coming, although I don't think she's connected my big ol' belly bump with a baby, but she knows that the car seat that Daniel recently installed in the van, and the bassinet that I set up in her room are for Josiah and she tries to say his name (it usually sounds something like "see-ya") I'm really glad for that. I've been trying to assume that Katie-Abigail will welcome her little brother, just like her big sisters welcomed each other into our family, but the sometimes there is that gnawing fear in the back of my mind that she won't, so any sign that she is comprehending what is going on is a good thing.
Yesterday we were talking to another couple and telling them that Beth was almost six and Beth said "No, first my brother has to be born and then I'll be almost six" and I overheard her tell her teacher at her Wednesday night Bible class "My mommy has a baby in her tummy and she has three more appointments and then my brother will be born" so I guess she's got this thing all figured out. Emma has asked a few times when "pinkie butt" will be born (that's her nickname for Josiah) I told her to wait four more Sundays - to this she replied "and then how many days after that?" so we've tried to help them understand that we don't know when or what day Josiah will be born. It's hard for them, though.
Someone called me today and said they'd heard a rumor that I'd gone into labor! I called Daniel and we had a good laugh about that.
A really cool and providential thing happened on Saturday, but in order to appreciate it I have to back up to Friday. On Friday I was putting away some newly-washed baby clothes and wondering if what I had would be enough. I was especially looking at my scanty supply of 3-6 months and trying to figure out how many packages of sleepers & onesies I'd need to buy especially trying to figure out when we'd have the money to spend on that. But then I thought "you know, it'll be several months before Josiah is in 3-6 months clothes, I'll just wait a little while and see what happens, who knows, maybe God will provide it for us." So I decided not to spend any of my birthday money or any more of my grocery money on clothes for Josiah and just wait and trust the Lord. The very next day one of my good friends (who just had her baby Saturday night!!) called to say that one of her neighbors had sent her a big box of baby boy clothes and that since she had more than enough clothes for her little guy she'd send it on to me. It was exactly what I needed! Most of it was 3-6 months, with lots of cute onesies and rompers. How cool is that?! God is so good.

Current craving: chocolate-covered cream-filled krispykream doughnuts!! It's a good thing they only come in boxes of six or I would be buying them much more often!

photo credit: roboppy on flickr

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