Friday, August 10, 2007

My baby is two!!

I call her "Mini-me". Daniel calls her "Tiny Tyrant" She is Katie-Abigail Elise and on Wedesday she turned two years old. She acts like a two year old too, except that she generally take two naps still - amazingly enough. She has a deffinite opinion about nearly everything and has started those screaming fits that are so common in two year olds when they have something to communicate and it isn't getting through. Her speaking skills are amazing - she's already using three and four word sentences like "I want more please" and her vocabulary is quite large and clear for a child her age. She likes to immitate her sisters and try to say her ABCs and count. It's also really cute how she uses please and thank you so regularly. She is a true joy to our family. She is empathetic and the first one to give hugs to a crying sister, sometimes she'll even try to interrupt us when we're discipling her sisters with a smile or a hug. She makes us laugh and warms our hearts. She's strong and indepent like Beth and sensitive like Emma, she is extreemely quiet around people she doesn't see regularly but she is loud and active at home and around people she's familiar with.

Her birthday was a fun day. We braved the near-unbearable heat for a bit to play with the ball outside, Katie-Abigail just loves to be outside. I made a cake which looked pretty bad but turned out to taste quite yummy! Daniel bought her a baloon, which was her favorite present, and a board book of animals and a ball.

She's not a baby anymore, not much at all. It's comforting that we've got another on the way so I don't have to feel sad about it one little bit!! :-)

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Marianne said...

Aww... Happy birthday, little one! She's just lovely!

I've heard that when children have older siblings, but ones who are closer in age, they learn language quickly. I have no clue if that's true.

Thank you for stopping by my blog, Faith. I hope you have a good week and that you are feeling well.