Sunday, August 26, 2007


We did it! We got a dog. Her name is Daisy. She is an almost-six year old golden lab. She has made an amazing transition so far and we could not ask for a better pet. The girls adore her. She reminds me a tiny bit of Barkley in "You've Got Mail" and I keep thinking about that scene with Tom Hanks at his laptop saying "Who's that happy dog." Silly, I know. I'll write more about it tomorrow and hopefully have better photos soon, but I wanted to post this today... so here she is!



Marianne said...

LOVE!!! Whenever my husband and I get a house, we're going to get a yellow lab. Labs are the best dogs. Your lovely girls look so happy!

jul said...

Yay for you all! Wise choice (over a puppy lol).