Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I guess I must be nesting... that's what Daniel's been saying anyway. I cleaned the sink to sparkling, re-organized my kitchen cupboards, moved the microwave cart to a more "ergonomic" spot, cleaned out the clutter on top of my fridge and microwave cart and have started making plans to decorate. I can't beleive how much money it takes to do it well, so I'll have to be patient and work with what I've got. So I changed out the curtains to some I already had tucked away and I changed the position of the table so that it is in alignment with the lighting. Whoever decided on the placement for that light fixture must have had a really small table in mind.

I found a lot of inspiration from a book I checked out of the Library called "The Stress-Free Home" it's heavy into Eastern spirituality but there were lots of great tips and the style of the rooms were great. The basic concept is reducing the subtle sources of stress in your decorating - like noticing the balance of activity and rest in the mood of a room and increasing the balance and "rythm" of a room, which is basically the repetition of color and pattern. I added some repetition of color to my bathroom and I was totally amazed at the difference it made!

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