Thursday, June 21, 2007

Countdown to Homeschool

I've practically disappeared into my computer and a big stack of books trying to hammer out the details for teaching History to Beth. I want the end result to be really smooth and simple but funneling the flood of information about ancient History through the sieve of the Bible and then into quarter-cup size servings - it's thrilling! I could totally do this for a living. I LOVE IT. I'll publish my History notes here once they are complete.
Of course after a couple of hours the girls are running wild and my brain is totally fried not to mention that I've completely skipped lunch - unless a yogurt smoothie and some carrot sticks count, and as a pregnant woman, that really doesn't count - then I collapse in a heap on the couch and read silly stories to my girls.
At dinner last night I was telling Daniel about the cool things I'd learned about Nimrod, basically just through using Wikipedia. Nimrod was the grandson of Noah and is considered to be the instigator of the whole "tower of Babel" incident. One version of the story goes like this: The Japhethites who worshiped God were fighting against the Cushites/Hamites, who had received the curse of Noah back in like Genesis 9 or so and had become complete pagans. The Cushites won and made Nimrod their king. Anyway, it's all really interesting to me, so I was telling Daniel about it and Beth and Emma started asking all kinds of questions - they thought I was talking about football - ha! It was a thrilling moment, nonetheless.
The countdown to school starting has started - only 10 days!! But I've got most of my ducks in a row and a lot of my plans are made and materials bought. Plus I bought a Lesson Plan Book!!!

I've been day dreaming about this mecca of teacher organization. I know I could make up my own planning sheets on the computer but I just couldn't resist the cute, we'll formatted design with a Mary Engelbright picture on the front that says "Anything is Possible" I have a matching magnet on the fridge :-) I think that only under the motto of "anything is possible" do I even have a hope of "doing" home school. I'm totally Mrs. Never Finishes Anything. I am the Queen of Procrastination. I am really, really good at not following though and giving up after the initial inertia has worn out. But like I mentioned in a previous post I feel like this is an invitation to watch God work in me what I can not do in myself. To help me through my failures (which I suppose will be inevitable) and my inadequacies (which are ever so many) to accomplish His purposes for Beth and me.

Today we also bought a book about animals at Barnes and Noble. We were in Kennesaw (about one exit up from us and where most serious shopping is done around here) and Daniel had given me some money to buy books for Beth. I was intending to buy a World History Timeline/Atlas but I couldn't decide. There were three - all published by National Geographic - that were outstanding, though I had a hard time imagining how I would use them with Beth. So we bought a book published by DK about Animals and I'm SO glad. The book itself is awesome, full of color photos and a good section of information on animal classification. Aside from the book that I bought, though I am really pleased with my decision because we stopped by the Library on our way home and I discovered that there were several comparable books there and I should be able to get most of my supplemental reading material from the Library which will be good, not to mention cost effective! I still think it would be good to buy a Time Line and an Atlas of World History to use as reference materials, but so much of that information is also available on the web now too... so anyway, I'm really excited.
This is where all my homeschooling stuff is kept for now. Click on the picture to see the notes I've made.

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Anonymous said...

you are so cute with all this homeschooling stuff! i'm so inspired by you and your organization and the thrill of your planning! do keep good notes, and if i do indeed start homeschooling, i'm going to copy you!