Friday, May 18, 2007

Encouragement in this busy week

This week has been SO busy... I feel overwhelmed by it all!! Our A/C went out the repair tech from our Home Warranty came on Wendnesday - a day I was planning to run errands on! I still have not been able to catch up one those errands, plus Katie-Abigail has been getting up a lot in the middle of the night so Daniel and I are running on fumes. But what has been my source of encouragement this week has been this CD we've had around for awhile. It's an album of modern hymns written by Keith Getty (most in conjunction with Stuart Townsend) and performed by his wife Kristy. To be honest I wasn't much into this CD when we got it because I was listening almost exlusively to worship music and wasn't really interested in a CD of hymns modern or otherwise (what a snob I've become!) but Daniel put this CD in my kitchen CD player the other day and I just haven't taken it out so it's been playing on "repeat" mode for about three days now. I have been so encouraged. I especially like "O Church Arise" and the bonus track "Don't Let me Loose My Wonder" (which isn't really a hymn but the tune is just beautiful)

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