Monday, April 09, 2007

an "old" photo

I'd been thinking about posting an older photo of Daniel & me since last night we had a guy over for dinner and he wanted to see a photo of Daniel when he had hair. I showed him some of our wedding photos and he laughed!!! He said "That's the funniest thing I've ever seen - it looks nothing like you guys!" So today as I was sifting through my cluttered flickr acount (aka procrastinating) I found this photo and thought I'd post it here. It was taken in April of 2002.

This was taken in March of 2007

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Amy said...

you guys look like you have really "grown up" in the last five years!! :) cute photos.

I didn't ignore the food tag...I wrote a post, just haven't had a chance to put it up yet because other more pressing things have come up in the meantime!

meanwhile, didn't you do a post a while back about all kinds of kids' books you and your girlies have loved? I don't have time to dig through your archives but if you could point me to it I would love that :) thanks!