Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lots of things

I finally finished my bathroom!! YAY!! I just LOVE it!! Amazingly enough my husband ok'd purple paint - purple is my #1 favorite color and I'm absolutely thrilled. For a second I was freaking out thinking it was too dark and too pink but now that we've lived in it for a little while and I've hung my Marjolien Bastein picture on the wall I'm happy. Very happy.
I've started to feel the baby move!! It's sporadic at best but I'm feeling it more and more regularly. This morning was so sweet - I was sitting in the couch and Emma was laying across me and sort of on top of my belly and she was talking to me and all of a sudden I started feeling all these kicks like the baby was really excited about hearing Emma talk. I told Emma and she said "Hi! Pinky butt." That's her name for this baby. I can't convince her to change it to "pinky baby" or just "pinky" it has to be "pinky butt"... it's half-sweet, half-embarassing.

Well I had much much more to say but the "tiny tyrant" is awake and calling for me!

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