Friday, April 20, 2007

First framed photos

I feel very proud of myself. Today I uploaded a couple of photos to Wal-Mart's digital photo center, ordered 2 8x10s and picked them up an hour or two later. I bought a couple nice frams and viola! Framed art. I took the photos of Katie-Abigail when she was just a few days old. They are some of my favorite photos and I've been wanting to do something with them for a while.

(click on the photo to see it on flickr)

These were my tests to determine the quality (and price) for using Wal-Mart photo printing. I'm planing on doing a few more for the Living Room but I can't figure out which ones to do!! I think I want to do three or maybe four and I'll probably do photos of nature but I have SO many cute ones of my girls that it is REALLY hard to decide. I'm also not 100% sure about size - if you have any experience with framing your photos what do you suggest - 5x7s in 8x10 frames or 8x10s in 11x14 frames? There seems to be more selection in the 8x10 category. What do you think?

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