Friday, February 09, 2007


Photo is of Katie-Abigail as a newborn
Ugh... I feel sick to my stomach... all I want to eat is Oreos (the mint Double Stuff are just the best store-bought cookie ever) but it's not because of the baby.
This is how I always feel the morning after I've had a tough night. Katie-Abigail is a "morning lark" and recently she's welcomed the day at 4:30 but this morning she broke her all-time record waking for the day at about 3:45. From then until about 5:00 I worked to try to get our "Tiny Tyrant" as Daniel affectionately calls her, back to sleep. I tried every trick in my bag but she was determined that it was time to be awake. Finally, by the Lord's mercy alone and certainly not by my wisdom, she contented herslef with laying in bed to wait for the rest of us to feel equally ready to begin the day. She shares a room with her two sisters and so this is a precarious situation. Promptly at 6:20 Beth throws open our door with the announcement "I have something to tell you!" and wakes up the whole house. Hrmph.
I have to admit that today is the first day of something less that sheer joy at the thought of a new life entering our home. I sat there putting peanut butter on toast vascilating between tears and anger and wondering how in the world I would keep myself together when my pregnancy progresses to the "can't get no sleep" stage and then the little one will arrive - how will I cope getting up with two babies! When will I ever get sleep?! Will I continue the remainder of my adult life in a state of sheer exhaustion?!!!!
Then I chuckled to myself, remembering what a difficult sleeper Emma was and how I worried and wondered how I'd "make it" and now she's a great little sleeper! I remembered too what my mom said about me - I was up several times a night until at 18 months my sister was born, at which point I passed the batton to my little sister. Mom says it's as if I said to my new sister "okay, it's your turn to keep Mommy up at night" and began to sleep through the night. My little sister didn't go along with my plan and slept through the night too!!
So the moral of this tirade is that the best thing for a little one with sleeping challenges is this - a sibling.
Speaking of siblings, we finally told our girls that I'm expecting. I've been worried about Beth's reaction but she was wonderful!! She gave me a huge hug and said "I'm going to have a little brother or a little sister" and I breathed a sigh of relief. She asked me "What is the baby's name going to be?" I said "We haven't decided yet, but if you have any ideas you can let me know." she said "Jefferson" and then started making up all kinds of crazy names on the theme of Jefferson so I said "It's a good thing you're not the one to pick to the name!" and it was like a game she'd throw out an unbelievably contorted name and I'd say the above. Then while she was taking her bath last night she said "Mommy, I think you should be the one to choose the name. So tell me what names you're thinking about and I'll tell you yes or no." How funny!!
Emma's reaction was equally amusing. I wish we'd taped it. She said "So if we keep Katie-Abigail then we'll have two babies." Ha! Now she says "We'll have two big girls and two babies." Emma was tring to process the whole "God put a baby in Mommy's tummy" idea and then finally it clicked! "Oh right," she said "When Mommy's tummy get's big she'll go to the Hospital and the Doctor will take the baby out of Mommy's tummy." Close enough.
Well, sleep deprived or not, I've got to get my crew ready for Doctor's apointments - I'm having them checked for ear infections. They had a terrible chest cold and then started complaining about ear aches. Fun!

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