Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A little bit of everything

Dear friends...
I have wanted to write - I am just bursting with things to share during this AMAZING season in our lives but time... where does it all go? Anyway, blogging has been a bit farther down the list of things to do recently. But this morning Katie-Abigail is napping and I thought I'd bop in here to give y'all an update.
First of all - the pregnancy!! My due date, according to the pregnancy center, is September 28th. Katie-Abigail will be just about 26months old. I personally think I'm farther along than that, but you can't argue with "the pregnancy dial"! :-) So let me see, according to that due date I am nine and a half weeks pregnant.
I was just saying to Daniel last night that I can hardly believe that a life so little could practically take over my body like this!! I have become ultra-sensitive to foods, like I made a normal meal with boxed mac & cheese and was sick! Where did that come from?! And I've never felt such a rush from eating fresh fruit like during this pregnancy. So I try to get that in, especially for snacks. I feel like I'm getting bigger, quicker. Which is totally normal. I've heard that with each sucessive pregnancy you're more likely to show more quickly because everything has been stretched out. Other than that things with the new baby are going really well. Beth & Emma are doing really well with the idea of a new baby. They have accepted the fact that this is a brother or a sister. So that is really neat.
Daniel has vetoed the discussion of baby names until we have proof of gender. I can be pretty obsessive about it so... I have checked out some baby name books from the Library and have made a looooong list. A few top names: boy - Josiah Aiden, Josiah Leeland, Josiah Gideon. Girl - Jane Adeliade, Charlotte Rose, or Leanna Miriam ... Jane is my favorite girl's name bar none. It's really popular as a middle name, especialy spelled "Jayne" but it's not so popular as a first name and I like the meaning of Leanna - flowering vine, allso it's a form of LeighAnne which is the name of a great friend of mine, so we'll just see what Daniel has to say... I also like Rosemary and Elena and Nora and Elsie and Jenny... It's a good thing there are nine months to make this decision!!
About the house: We have placed an offer!! You can see pics of the house here. I am just amazed at how God has provided for us. This is a pre-forclosure that needs some paint eventually new flooring but it is on a wonderful lot in a great neighborhood with sidewalks! The house is on a cul-de-sac so it'll be pretty quiet. It's minutes from the interstate and very close to our friends at church. I can hardly believe that this has all gone so quickly. If our offer is accepted we'll close on March 12th!!
It's SO exciting.


Geoff & Abi said...

Hey Faith! What a cute house! I like it. ~Abi

a suburban housewife said...

Faith, I'm so excited for y'all!!