Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Highlights of 2006

This year has been tough and crazy mostly because we attended five different churches, and Daniel switched jobs twice. Being in constant transition brought new difficulties to our marriage and was a bit unsettling for our girls. However I learned so much through this year, and met so many wonderful people, I was able to experience, in a new way for me, how faithful God can be during a long trial. I know, I know, a year is really nothing, but it has felt just eternal. And God has been so faithful. Through this path He has been so good - He has allowed me to experience a new dimension of worshipping Him and of staying close to Him. That has been sweet.

This has also been a year of experiencing for the first time things that I've always known, I've always known God to be my Heavenly Father, but it is a totally different thing to experience His Fatherly love & tender care for me. I have always known that the church is the Bride of Christ, but this year I have been learning that as part of the church I am the Bride of Christ and that Jesus loves me as His bride. It has made all the difference in the world to not only know the truth but also to experience it. I don't think that our experiences ought to define truth but I have been blessed to stick my toe into pool, so to speak, and have learned that a truth merely known and a truth experienced are so different it's like the difference between the living and the dead. So in that way it has been a really wonderful year.

Other highlights of the year have been cooking from scratch more : Inspired by Mrs. Wilkerson :-) I learned how to make waffles!!!! After many failed attempts I learned how to make yummy biscuits, and inspired by my friend, Leigh-Anne, I learned to make home-made bread (in a bread maker - that still counts doesn't it?) Also I replaced my dishes, which was just the bomb, and opened an account at flickr.com and we bought a PS2 - I have a lot I could say about that...
Also we decided to make the move to Kennesaw/Acworth to join Jubilee. I can hardly contain my excitement. I just know this is going to be awesome for our family. Check out their downloads page to see some of the latest sermons and to get the lead sheets for some awesome worship songs from Leigh-Anne & Jonathan.
Our girls have been growing up so much!! Beth is five now and I am constantly feeling out of my depth, she is so smart and tries so hard to be BIG - sigh. Emma wants to be little and so we are continually encouraging her nurturing side, but she ditched the diapers this year with relative ease, so I've got no complaints. She's such a snuggle bunny and we relate SO well. Then there is Katie-Abigail. She is getting to be so big!! Her personality is a lot like Beth's but she is not so moody. We call her our zero to sixty baby because she'll go from perfect quiet to ear-piercing shrieks if she gets upset. But usually she is happy and is a delight to her mommy and daddy. She is starting to speak and also sign a little, which is a first for our family but has been really helpful in communicating during that pre-talking stage.
Well, that's all I've got time for today!!

CDs I've listened to a LOT
Everlasting God - Brenton Brown, A Greater Song - Paul Baloche, Light - Jeff Dayo
I Have to Believe - Rita Spirnger, Everytime I Breathe -Big Daddy Weave

Books I've actually finished and liked
The Well Trained Mind - Jamie Wise & Susan Wise Bauer
The Beloved Disciple - Beth Moore


a suburban housewife said...

Who the heck is "Mrs. Wilkerson"? Unless you're talking about my mother-in-law or what my students call me!!!

Faith said...

Sherri, of course I meant what your students call you - thus the smily face!! Sorry, should have put it in quotes.
Love ya!