Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Keep praying for Emily Lee

Emily Lee has finally been taken off of life support! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!! Please keep praying urgently for their family during this difficult (more difficult than the usual difficult that they face every day) season and click here Nate (her daddy) posted some pics of Emily. It just breaks my heart. The overwhelming thing about this all is that in the back of my mind is this: it's not a matter of if it is only a matter of when and their precious baby will leave a second great scar on this dear family and leave to meet her Father. She has outlived her big sister by five months now. I have to come to end of knowing how to pray for this family except to cry out over and over again that the Spirit would hover near and give them great and mighty power to bear this inconceivably heavy burden of suffering. Please pray too!

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