Monday, November 13, 2006

Biscuit Success

In a previous post I lamented about the pitiful biscuits I've been making, in fact I made several batches of biscuits on Sunday which were so awful that we took them to the park and tried to feed them to the geese, but they ran away! Daniel teased me mercilessly about that one (and wouldn't you?) then he turned helpful and said "You need buttermilk." You see Daniel has been making biscuits at various fast food places for years so I took his advice seriously. I bought some more baking soda, some bread flour and some buttermilk and then just this Saturday I tried again. They were amazing!! I felt so proud of myself. Daniel said "These are better than KFC" that is really saying something.
I used the recipe from my sister Kathryn (which I posted in the comments section of this post) but I used twice the sugar. Here are a few other things I learned, other than the importance of using buttermilk: don't over-knead, over-flour or roll them out too thin. I think I rolled them out to about 1/4 of an inch!! That didn't work too well. I should have taken "before" and "after" photos of my biscuits, but didn't think of it at the time. I will probably not be buying canned biscuits ever again! Yay!!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! Believe me, I understand how you feel. I also cried the first time I tried to make pie crust. Beware of trying new things while experiencing PMS (also a bad time to try on clothes or get a haircut).