Friday, October 13, 2006

Today's Friday Photos

My sweet sister Abi gave me a rose from her rose bush. It smells wonderful and I've taken a bunch of pictures of it as it has opened all week. This one was taken with the macro setting on and I was just so pleased with the amount of detail that was captured in this shot. A couple more pics below: The yellow and green are bowls that I bought this week. (Is that totally weird, or what?) The B&W at the bottom of this post was shot under the florescent light in my kitchen, the photo looked terrible in color but I love how it looks in B&W!!


Danielle said...


Geoff said...

I like both the top photo and the bottom. I do think that the B&W at the bottom is best. The highlights in the top left with a soft edge, the clearly focused center and the loss of focus in the darker lower right. It all works really nicely. The composition is balanced but it is the light and the depth of field that make this one really excellent.