Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dishes Saga

I've been doing some dishes-shopping today. yes, with the Three Amigos in tow. It was NOT fun. The problem is that I'm such an idealist, vascilating- procrastinator, and like I said, I had my girls with me.
I found my all-time favorite online before hitting the stores:
It's Mikasa and is called "Italian Country" I just love that! I thought I had found something very similar at Ross but it didn't work out. The box had been opened already and some of the dishes were missing and broken. So instead of going home to re-group I plunged ahead. However I was met with a bewildering scene.
Why, I ask you, would something like this:

be $40-$70 for 4 place settings? I don't get it. The cute, cheap set was speckled and gray and looked like it was made out of recyled materials. I considered going the by-the-plate like route such as this:

Right there in the photo is a picture of my teapot!!! But I hesitated. I am vascilating between practical, minimal and artistic. Pure white is so classic, it can be formal or casual, I love the Shabby Chic style, but is it too minimalist? Is it going to stain? Am I going to be washing dishes in like a month saying "I hate these dishes!!!"

While I was shopping for white dishes at Target I found something like this, and am quite enchanted.

It's $12 for a set of 4 dinner plates. This plate came in mix & match set with some other really lovely colors. (i.e. you buy 4 brown dinner plates but 4 green salad plates etc.) While I was at Ross I bought two bowls, one yellow and one green in a similar style to the beautiful brown plate (they didn't have any brown). So now I am in a state of complete indecision.
While I was at Target a lady and I were chatting about dishes, I told her I was even condisering the unbreakable macrome, (I don't know if that's how it's spelled or not) basically she told me that I was too young to buy nice dishes and to "go with mix and match" or whatever I wouldn't freak out when broken. I took her advice to heart and I brought home a $12 set from Ross but I'm returning it. It calls itself "Living White" but when I started unpacking it I realized that it's slightly speckled and cream. Ick.
I have discovered that the selection online is much better than what you can actually get in the store, and I am sorely tempted to go the online route. How weird would that be?!
So, I have no idea what I'll end up doing, but I'll keep you posted.


laurie said...

I love dishes. I get it from my mother who has a set for every season including minor holidays. I collect fiesta ware - all different colors. But I think I am going to start collecting white dishes. I saw a collection of all white and loved it. The great thing is you can just buy a plate at a thrift shop, or at Target, etc. and the only unifying thing needs to be that they're white. even the hue doesn't have to match. a little variation in "whites" and patterns is even better than one uniform collection, in my opinion. Well, there's my two cents. I am so impressed that you did this with the kids in tow. You go girl!

Coralie Cowan said...

What I love about my plain white dishes is that I could mix them with anything if I had more people than I had plates. I found some cheap fake depression glass pink plates the mix with it, I have dark blue Christmas plates that mix with it. It's a good base set, and then you can accent it with other colors.

My dream set has square plates, but I can't bring myself to spend more for plates just because they have corners.

jul said...

I need new dishes too. I don't have enough matching dishes to have 4 people eating at the same time--so many broken dishes and glasses here. I think I have to agree with the lady who gave you advice not to buy anything too nice, unless you have a separate good set of dishes that you only use for company. I wouldn't think twice about going the online route. And very few are the times I don't regret shopping with all 3 of my kids! You're very very brave...