Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Consuming & Recycling

I wrote in this post yesterday saying that I'd come across a really great blog. I was reading it more today and she has been posting about consumerism and reductionism, there is this organization in her area that are activists in reducing purchases and waste anyway that has really got me thinking.
She wrote about using re-usable shopping bags. I found a neat website about this as well based in the UK, which also advocates using "real nappys" it's worth the read if only for the humer of their form of expression! My sister does this and has sewn her own!
Here is an interesting email group for helping people get rid of their junk. I found a site here that locates various recycling centers in your area.
Although I think the whole idea of the compact is a little bit extreeme I was thinking along the lines of maybe we could do that for a month when I found this blog about a family who did! It's called 30 days of nothing and I think she put it wonderfully and answered criticisms really well especially the whole "holier than thou" attitude that we can sometimes adopt when doing something like this.
Well, my IE is about to crash so I'll leave it at that.

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