Monday, September 11, 2006

Christmas thoughts

It was labor day last week, and that means it will be Christmastime before we even have the time to take a deep breath. I meet this season with mixed feelings of excitement and dread. This is the first year that we will celebrate Christmas on our own, as a seperate, individual family and not dashing from this place to that place. I'm thinking "what are we going to do?!"
Any ideas ladies?


Goddess said...


Neat to meet this way- through the convoluted pathways of friends of friends!

As to Christmas as your own family- this has always been important to my husband and I for many reasons. Because staying home as a family means no driving hither and yon, you may find the day a great opportunity to create a peaceful, memorable, family time. We have a full traditional dinner, (except last year when we lived 2 hours from the nearest store and forgot to buy one- we had chicken instead) even though there's no guests- family deserves the best china and the fancy sort of special pickles (or whatever is the food treat at your house). I suggest pulling out the fancy table cloth and glasses- your little ones make take special joy in setting the table so prettily. We always take the time to get down on the floor with our kids (they are 12 and 13 and we still buy a toy that can be played with so we can do just that- last year it was a race set). Sometimes the kids get set aside in the swirl of visiting, but when it's just your family you can really enjoy them. Whatever you choose, I'm sure you'll have a blessed time.

Also, I notice you finished 'Until we Have Faces'- one of my enduring favourites, although I couldn't tell you why for the world.

Anonymous said...

Make it special.
Keep it simple.