Saturday, September 30, 2006

Birthing the Friday Photo

So Daniel has been on the computer today, and he left some windows up. I finished checking my email and finally switched to the Yahoo Beta version, for the second time, though I've set up a gmail account, so why haven't I announced my new email address and gone on with my life? Anyway, I'm closing the computer down for the night when I come upon this single link on Sam What-his-name's "Enjoying God Ministries" site, oh right, it Sam Storms...anyway... so I click on the link and it takes me to this blog, which is just great, it's a visual feast, it's got the columns for books read and favorite CDs and iTunes (but done much better than my latest attempt, which, as you can tell, resulted in extinction). A recent post had his Friday Photo of the week and I was quite impressed. This led me to his flickr blog, which in turn led me to the discovery of this Blogger Friday Photo Pool it's really neat, one of the pictures had the description "This is on my flight to the 2006 Desiring God National Conference in Minneapolis, MN" Does it get much better than that?! So, I clicked around for an embarassingly long time and fingured out how to join this group. I also have a flickr account so it was done with one simple click - yay!
So I will post my Friday Photo in a seperate post, that just seems like the appropriate thing to do. Then I have to figure out how in the world you post to a group! Well, just one step at a time, right?
Another wonderful blog full of photos is here, and another is here.

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Kevin Cawley said...

Faith-- welcome to the Friday Photo pool! We needed some ladies in there. Eager to see your pictures, and enjoying your stuff at flickr.

Sam what's his name is my uncle, so I'm glad to see that you're utilizing the resources of his site.