Monday, August 14, 2006

Videos for Little Ones

The other day we went to a new Library and checked out a few new DVDs I wanted to share with you what I found!!

Rachel Coleman, co-creator of Signing Time, teaches children to sign using animation, examples, and original songsWhen Katie-Abigail was born the hospital told us there was a chance that she was hearing-impaired, if not totally deaf. She failed multiple hearing screenings. We went to the ear-doctor many times, and as it turned out she's fine but it put me in mind of remembering the sign language my parents taught me when I was a little girl. I've been teaching Katie-Abigail simple signs she knows how to sign"lay-down", "more" and a couple of others in addition to the few words she is able to say. The thing is that little ones are able to sign before they are able to speak and it is sometimes helpful to teach them to sign especially if they are speach-delayed. So anyway, I found this awesome movie called "Signing Time" and it teaches simple signs in a really attractive way.

Now Katie-Abigail is a little older and sometimes I put her in her packNplay to watch a movie so I can wash dises or whatever. The thing is she will only watch movies that have music. We have only one Wiggles DVD and that got old fast so we found something much better. It is the Baby Einstein videos. To be honest the first time I saw a Baby Einstein movie I was completely dissapointed, I couldn't comprehend how classical music & baby toys could be educational, the ones designed for older babies are much better, I love the Colors one because there is a little poem with each color. A few that I and my girls like:Baby Van Gogh™ World of Colors DVD
Baby Doolittle - World Animals
Baby Doolittle - Neighborhood Animals
Baby Noah - Animal Expiditions
Baby VanGogh - World of Colors

Be sure to check them out next time you're at your neighborhood Library!

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