Thursday, August 17, 2006

Saying Goodbye

We have started saying goodbye to our puppies. Last night our first puppy left us, today we said goodbye to two more. They are plenty old enough to leave us we've just had some difficulty advertizing their availability. I'll tell you what not to do: online ads! I got all kinds of spam and scam emails after posting at and not a single good offer out of it! Finally I posted an ad in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and I've recieved more calls than I have puppies.

It's hard to say goodbye to them. I've done it before. But this time, knowing that it is the last time, it's harder. We were going to keep Jeeves, but now that we're not moving after all we decided to adopt him out too. Daniel has said on numerous ocassions that I am psycotic to feel so maternally towards a bunch of dumb dogs who poop all over the yard. But I searched for them and "rescued" them from the woods they were born in, I've fed them, washed them. Pulled them out from under piles of leftover gutter our landlord left under our porch (growl). I've photographed them, named them each. I know each one individually. Peanut: the runt but oh so handsome, Jeeves: the oh so shy one, Gwin: so energetic and so beautiful, you can always tell her by her white paw. Petunia: Always the first to say hello. Rascal & Caitlin: Hard to tell apart but one is a boy the other is a girl. And Rose, her picture is here at the bottom, isn't she perfectly beautiful? She was the first to let me rub her belly. (Maybe now you think I'm psycotic too -but it's my blog!) We've petted them, trained them a little, loved them a lot. Now it's time for them to spread the love.
I am glad not to have seven hungrey puppies to feed twice a day and I'll be relieved to not have to buy so much dog food. But I'll miss them.


Bethany said...

What cute little puppies!!! I LOVE DOGS!!! Use to tell my mom when I grew up I was going to have 10!!! I have one...a boxer...Leroy. I want another boxer this year but I think 2 is all my house is big enough for. I always thought it would be fun to breed dogs but so hard to part with the little puppies...they are soooo cute. I would probably keep way to many.

Amy said...

not psychotic at all--I think it would be really hard to say goodbye to such adorable puppies you've cared for! still wish we could have taken one...but I'm sure they've all found good homes.

Danielle said...

Oh they are so cute! I wish I could take one of them! Do you know what their "mix" is?

Faith said...

Our best guess is that their "mix" is German Shephard/Chow with Bull/Boxer! They are SO cute! But they are going to get huge!