Monday, August 07, 2006

Puppy news

I thought I would pass on our good news! Daniel has allowed us to KEEP one of the puppies!!!! I am thrilled. We decided to keep a boy and Daniel said we must name him "Jeeves".

Here's the story behind that...
One day Daniel informed me that we would be taking his mother's puppy. She works full-time & lives in an apartment and the puppy-owner life just wasn't working out for her. We discussed names and my vote was "Caspian" from the Cronicles of Narnia books - my family has nearly always named our pets for a character in a book. Daniel's vote was "Jeeves". I said "That doesn't make any sense! Maybe for a Great Dane or for some black dog, but I don't think that's an appropriate name for an energetic tan puppy. So we flipped a coin. He lost. And he's never let me forget it!
Our next dog was Lucy, her original name was "Cookie" but I said that had to go and thought it would be good to give her a name that sounded similar so we named her Lucy - after the character of another Chronicles of Narnia book! :-)
Now is my day of retrobution, but I am just so glad to be keeping one of the puppies I don't mind. Here is a picture of the one we'll be keeping.

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laurie said...

Cute.cute.cute. Congratulations on your knew baby :).