Saturday, August 19, 2006

A little bit of everything

I finally have a (relatively) quiet Saturday morning in which to blog... how nice. I've been wanting to blog but it's so hard to find the time, quiet and brain function coninciding in the same moment.
So anway...
Beth & I have been learning about the Presidents of the United States, mostly just trying to memorize their names and soon we'll memorize the dates of their presidentcies. One of our early presidents had a nickname "His Rotundness" I thought that was hilarious! Who these days uses the word "Rotund"? who even knows what it means? Is it only the homeschooler-kids like me whose parents main goal in education seemed to be an advanced vocabulary?
... Speaking of vocabulary, Beth's vocabulary is really expanding, it is so neat to see her using such complex words, she's only four after all. Yesterday we were shopping for her and she said "Mommy, you only buy clothes that are cheap." I laughed so hard! How observant! This morning when Daddy kissed us all goodbye - he has to work today - Beth said "That's so romantic" She loves to say "Emma's exasperating me" and yesterday when I told her that she couldn't wach the National Geographic Saphari movie we checked out of the Library because they were believing lies... well, let me just tell you how the conversation went. It went like this:
Mommy: "Beth, you can't wach your Safari movie"
Beth: "Why can't I?"
Mommy: "Because they are telling lies"
Beth: "Why are they telling lies?"
Daddy: "Because people who don't love God and don't listen to God believe lies"
Mommy: "And in the movie they want you to believe lies."
Beth: "Well, I'm not going to believe lies. I'm not going to respect them."
I just about died laughing!!

Daniel was at a used bookstore and bought me... drumroll please...

..."Captivating" by John & Staci Eldridge. I just love it! It might be harder for some of my Reformed friends to read because they quote movies and pop songs right along with the Bible, however I think it is an excellent example of writing Biblical truth in a way that baby Christians and people outside of the church will still be able to understand and connect with. The used alternative versions of Scripture, which I always love, it keeps the verses fresh and new. The chapter on Beauty is worth the whole book. It is so inspiring!
I'm just on the chapter of the wounds of our childhood and the lies we believe because of them. It was really hard for me to read. For one because the stories she shares are just heartbreaking and really put my childhood wounds in perspective. Recognizing that we all have childhood wounds, we all have lies we have believed during our childhood, we have all developed sinful ways of responding to life and the thing to do is simply to face them and correct them through God's word. I've sometimes thought that because my wounds weren't as horrible as some others who I know that I wasn't a wounded person. I grew up in a functional home, I was homeschooled, I was brought up in pretty good churches by and large, I was well provided for. I hade it made! And I still bear wounds from my childhood and I still have to fight the lies I believed and my sinful response-patterns.
On to something a little lighter... Staci's name is for Anastacia, and she loved her name! She read all about Russian history and the princess Anastacia who was rumored to have escaped assasination! It makes me want to name our next daughter (if the Lord chooses to give us another) a name like that. A beautiful princess name. I was reading a couple of days ago at the end of Job and he names his daughter (one of the ones God gave to him after his season of suffering & loss) Jemima and it means "Handsome as the Day" I just love that meaning!
Last night Daniel bought me the first NOOMA video short at Family Christian Stores. My dear friend Leigh-Anne told me about this one. It's REALLY good. It nearly brought me to tears. It was SO impactful.

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