Monday, July 03, 2006

Baby sling thing

Found this on Bethany's "Enchanted Journey" blog. It's called Lucky Baby and I think these slings are beautiful! I don't tend to wear our babies, I just hold them all of the time! The baby sling I have has these rings - my sweet sister gave them to me, she wears her babies all of the time - I just never have felt 100% secure with that sling. These look fabulous and I like the design a little better. I think I'm going to get one as soon as we can afford it. Katie-Abigail is still old enough, right? These are SO cute too? Don't you think?
Which reminds me - my sister in-law told me today that everyone at her office is now asking if I'm pregnant again and her in-laws have placed bets on how long it will take me to have another baby! She gives me until Christmas! How I'm suposed to respond to that, I don't know. I sort of have this itch to be pregnant again, though I don't know how in the world I'd be able to handle it. I have to remind myself that I can not define myself by babies in arms, it's just that my "baby" is getting to be so independant and she's already weaning herself! It just seems like it's getting to be "time" yet at the same time, I'd love to have a while for my body to recover.
At church we've been talking a lot about surrendering every area of our lives to God's control and this has been one of the key areas for me. To trust God to give us children at the right time, and the right number. I love each of them SO much!
Well, I'm rambleing and it's late...


Danielle said...

I don't have kids yet, but those slings are so cute, I've already decided I have to get one when I do! ;)

Jamie Marooney said...

these are cute...i wonder what they'd do to our backs. so far, any type of baby wearing kills my back just as much or more than being pregnant.

Kathryn said...

Very cute! Decent price too, lots of babycarrying devices are sooo pricey... (Which is yet ANOTHER reason I'm glad our mommy taught us to sew)!

I have been wondering since you mentioned this to me, and here are some questions for you:
What is it you like about this particular pouch?
Is it the design/style of a non-adjustable pouch sling?
Is it the reversible feature, with the 2 different fabric patterns?
Is it the pocket included between the layers?
Or is it THIS exact fabric in THIS exact design that you just gotta have (which I TOTALLY understand if it is... SO CUTE)
Because if it's just the concept of it, I can make one for you JUST like that, custom-fit to your measurements and out of any fabric you pick. Or I can help you make it yourself if you want, Mom told me you're getting back into sewing a bit. Let me know, because we can get you into one of those for a LOT less than the price listed. ;-)