Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tips? I need some help!

Hello my sweet blogger-friends. I REALLY need some help! Katie-Abigail had her 10-month well-baby appointment and she was below the zero-percentile for her weight. She is very busy & happy and skinny! Do you have any suggestions for beefing her up? I spent a while at the grocery store this afternoon. I looked at just about every label on the ice-cream and cereal isles trying to find the one with the highest fat content! I have made some really interesting discoveries today. For instance the fat difference between regular mac&cheese and the cheesy velveta-type is amazing! I also discovered that the food with the highest-fat content in my pantry is peanut butter. I also found out that whipping cream has less fat that whole milk! I thought about buying some heavy cream but didn't see any at Kroger.
I also need help not just what to feed her but when! She loves to throw her food on the floor!!! I fixed her this wonderful high-fat snack and she spit out everything I gave her!!! Of course every baby and family is different but if you've got any advice I'd love to hear it!!


a suburban housewife said...

Try this,Faith. Buy some Carnation instant breakfast. You know, the kind in the envelopes. In a blender, pour 1/2 of the envelope of powder, 1/2 a banana (frozen or not), one large scoop of peanut butter, and whole milk to just the top of your mixture. Blend until smooth. Not only is this healthy fat, but it is also high in protein as well.

Avacados are a great source of fat. Mash a little bit up with some salt and just let her "paint" with it on her high chair tray. You know she will try to eat some!

a suburban housewife said...

One more thing...I don't know if you are still nursing Katie-Abigail or not, BUT, if you aren't, buy some Carnation Good Start formula and let her drink that a couple of times a day. Most pediatricians don't like it for new infants because it causes weight gain. So in your case, it might work!

*I'm not on a "Carnation" kick, it is just coincidental that both things I recommended are this name brand!