Friday, June 16, 2006

Emma's Birthday

Emma's Birthday is this Sunday and this has been by far the most exciting Birthday we've had in a while. I made a butterfly cake. I got the recipe off of I started trying to make it look like a Monarch butterfly. I printed off a photo and laid out the licorice but the "wings" were all the wrong shape so we went with a more elcectic design. It's nothing like Laurie's cakes but I probably didn't take as much time working on it either!
Then I filled up the bathtub with water balloons for a waterballoon fight when the uncles come tomorrow, we transferred them to laundry baskets and set them outside. But while Daniel was giving Lucy a bath he decided that he shouldn't be the only one getting wet and started throwing the pile of waterbaloons nearest him at me!!! It ended up with all the water balloons thrown (Beth taught me the best way to throw it at close range - that was really cool!!) and Mommy (me!) in posession of the hose. Daniel had our plastic kiddie pool up like a Roman shield and he would charge me trying to get the hose back. The key there was to keep the water moving and then when he got close to move to the side and spray him hard!! We all go soaking wet, we deeply offended Lucy by bringing water to near to her puppies but she's getting over it. (Yes, Lucy has had her second litter of puppies! There are seven, mostly girls it appears. All dark. The girls are dying for them to be old enough to really play with).
Finally, instead of agonizing over what wonderful, perfect gift to give our precious daughter that will communicate our deepest love and that she will cherish for a lifetime (Last year's gift was broken in about three months!!) we decided to just go to the Dollar Store. I went with Emma and let her pick out a purse. I also bought her some "princess shoes" and some play dough. Daniel got some other dress-up stuff. She has a huge gift bag full. I am totally happy with this year's gift.


a suburban housewife said...

Your dog is not very virtuous! Jack (Pumpkin) is HUGE, by the way. Happy Birthday to Emma! We miss y'all.

Danielle said...

Very cute cake! All girls love princess shoes, I'm sure she'll have a blast with those. Nothing seems so grown up as high heels when your that age. Now that I'm old enough to actually wear them, I never do!

Amy said...

what a great cake! I think it's beautiful :)