Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I was resting for a minute in our living room, surveying the mess I needed to clean up while the girls napped. For a moment the task seemed rather daunting, not because the mess was so big but rather because I clean this room so often and it never stays as neat as I'd like it to be. It is the first room in our house as you come through the door, it is also the room we usually keep cool in the evenings so I want it to be clean for Daniel.
Then I imagined how our living room will look twenty or thirty years from now, how neat it would be because there would be no children. No pasifiers, no dress-up clothes, no diapers, no coloring books or tiny bits of paper which Beth has meticulously peeled from her crayon. As I sat I remembered the words of an empty-nester friend who described her quiet, child-less home as a "tomb" and I was, and am, thankful for this season of my life, child-clutter and all. I am so grateful for this precious time while our girls are so little. I am sure I will miss it when when it is through.

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Karen Hevesy said...

Now I feel bad. I spent the day lecturing to my 3 children about keeping the living room clean. I know I'm gonna miss the legos, matchbox cars and lincoln logs someday.