Thursday, June 01, 2006


Yesterday I bought this thing called a "wax-potpourri" burner. You put a little tea light in the bottom of it and a chunk of scented wax called a "tart" and let it burn. My wax potpourri tart was from the Yankee candle company and smelled just lovely I actually bought three different scents to burn in this burner but after such excellent results last night it makes me want to go and buy some with different patterns for other rooms in our house!!


Amy said...

I just got one of those too! TONS cheaper than Yankee's big glass jar candles--and the scent permeates the house better! :) what's your current favorite scent?

Faith said...

My burner currently has a purple "blossoms" scent in it - lovely!
I bought two other scents that I can't wait to try: Country Breeze & Country Rain

a suburban housewife said...

Missed you! What's been going on with y'all?