Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My Mom part 2

This is a photo of my Great-Grandma Helen, my Granda Joy, my older sister, my mom (holding me!) and my older sister, Kathryn
More about my Mom - she has a wonderful sense of humor! Her laughter is a wonderful memory I will cherish. I especially remember one Sunday evening, which was always an especially fun night for our family, we were sitting around the table, laughing and jokeing and I said to Mom "Mom, you laugh at the funnyest things" this became something of a term of endearment between the two of us. There were also special times while we were washing dishes and laughing together.
Now that I am a mother another thing stands our amazingly to me - that she never seemed to wish she could have a career. She told us stories of when she worked as a computer programer in "the old days" when computer programs were made of stacks of cards with holes punched out of them - hard for me to imagine!
I only have one memory of when my mom worked, we were little and she worked a couple of evenings and every Saturday. I remember sitting by the front door with Abi for what seemed life forever (probably about five minutes, right?) just waiting to go get in the car to pick mom up, I rmember in the moment missing my mom a lot.
My mom made pizza every week with few exceptions, the day varied throughout my childhood, usually Friday night or Saturday afternoon, and she knew how to make the bomb of desserts - the rootbeer float!! (Is that just a northern thing? People around here don't seem to like them!)She also made all of our birthday cakes - some of them were really amazing! I had a butterfly cake, a heart cake, on one cake she even bought a basket weave tip and did a flower basket cake! Each cake was unique, each cake had wonderful flowers and colors and writing. Now that my girls are old enough to have birthday cakes I have totally given up on trying to compare what I can do to what my mom did every year, four times a year!
We had a tradition in our home growing up, on our birthday we got to choose our birthday meal. For me that usually meant Mac&Cheese with hot dogs, for my little sis that usually meant Shake & Bake chicken - she made the best!!
My mom's creativity and talent is not limited just to cloth, she can also stencil like nobody's business. She stenciled borders for bedrooms and curtains, her kitchen always had a stenciled border, and she was always willing to help someone else out with stenciling for their walls.
My mom;s talent in the kitchen was not limited to pizza and cakes she also concocted wheat-free cakes and cookies. It was a challenge but once she figured it out she taught me to make wheat-free desserts that are even better than usual wheat-flour cakes!
My mom was also the most faithful Bible-study attender. When I was little I remember packing up our home-school assignments for Ladies Bible study every week. My mom was always very careful to not let other things interfere with that comittment and being too busy, or just not feeling like it were not options to my mom.
My mom also loves Hymns, she taught me to love them too! She sang them, she wrote them out for the fridge.
What an amazing woman!!

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