Monday, May 08, 2006


This Sunday's sermon was on the importance & significance of knowing that we are accepted by God - it's amazing how far-reaching the affects of this one principle is! The one thing I remember from Pastor Carl's sermon is that we need to remember it's our job to love others and it's God's job to change others. Of course this radically affects our relationships with others and as a mom I'm most concerned about how my relationship with my children. So here is my thought for the morning - it's ultimately God's job to change my children and it's my job just to love them. By the way I've noticed that when I am trying my hardest to love them best I discipline them best (and yell a lot less). So... I am responsible for disciplining them but I'm not responsible for changing them. I think that frees me from a lot of fear and the crushing burden of trying to do what I can not do - change them, make them obey...

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Faith said...

Karen Hevesy has left a new comment on your post "Love!":

One of the greatest revelations for me as a mom (and I have been one for 15 years now) was that the Lord is not just my shepherd but also my children's! This doesn't take the responsibility off of us to "raise them up in the way they should go." But it sure is comforting to know that God is more determined that they finish well, than we are.

Karen - I couldn't get blogger to accept this comment, so I had to post it from my account- thank you for sending it!! You are such an encouragement!!!