Monday, March 20, 2006

Lavish Extravigance

In "The Beloved Disciple" Beth Moore writes
"I feel like I've won a shopping spree and can have anything I can fit in my basket, but I want so much of what I see that I don't know where to start. Beloved, what we've won in Christ is so far beyond human thinking that if we don't learn to think with the mind of Christ through the power of the Spirit, we'll miss it!
"Unlike a woman who has won a basket full of goodies, we are never meant to pick and choose only what suits our fancy. Nor are we limited to one basket. God has chosen what He wants for us 'treasures without measure' and all the baskets you could fit in your front yard can't contain them."
I read that this morning and I've been trying to let the truth of it sink in, and to have the eyes of my faith opened to see the enormity of my inheritance in Christ.
There's a story of a slave whose master died and left him a fortune but when he received the news all the former-slave asked for was 25 cents for a bag of cornmeal. I'm like that. I'm acting like a multi-millionaire asking for 25 cents to buy a bag of cornmeal.
When I think about what I would choose for myself I think of the spiritual equivalent of dollar store jewelry and wal-mart brand t-shirts, but when I think of what my Father-God has already chosen for me, I think of it as the spiritual equivalent of diamonds and rubies and all kinds of jewels.
I have a huge front yard and it blows my mind to think of it piled high with jewels and marble statues and all kinds of elegant and luxurious treasures, can you imagine it? Can you see it with the eyes of your heart? In the spirit, that is what God has already given to you and me! It blows my mind!
My Heavenly Father's desire is for each of His children, for me, as His beloved daughter, to see with the eyes of my spirit. With the eyes of faith, to gaze at the lavish extravigance of His grace. I think that is why we have to go through some of the things that we do.
Right now, in my spirit, I feel like I am all alone in a little life-boat, out on the ocean with a storm raging. The waves pull me up and down, the rain drenches me to the skin and the clouds cover the stars making it impossible to have any sense of direction. It's night so I can't even see where the sun is rising to know that that way is east, I feel so lost, confused, overwhelmed and fearful. As the storm begins to let up, the fog rolls in. I can barely see anything beyond what is right in front of my face, I feel almost suffocated by the dampness in the air. What will I do? What will I let my mind dwell on? What will I choose to believe?
I will choose to believe that though my circumstances are crazy I am blessed beyond the curse, I am the head and not the tail, the top and not the bottom. I believe that I am the apple of God's eye, that I am particularly choosen by God and precious to Him, that I am hidden under His wings, hiding in the Tower of Refuge, standing on the Rock, protected by the Sheild. I believe that I am the favorite daughter of the Creator of the Universe, that I am the bride of the Beloved, that I am loved with the same love that is expressed between the Trinity, and will one day be presented in perfect splendor. It is so easy to say, so easy to write, so much harder to live.
I think that while our natural eyes see blessings, it is harder for the eyes of our faith to look for what is unseen. I am blessed in the natural, I am even more blessed in the spiritual, and the eyes of my faith are adjusting to look farther off, past the end of my nose and the briefness of today. I am refocusing my gaze to see the spiritual trasures right there in my front yard.
But standing in awe of God's goodness to me is supposed to lead me to God Himself!I want to come right up into the presence of God, right into the lap of my Daddy-God and recieve his love until it fills my deepest need. I feel like my level of neediness is like a baby in the womb, constant and intense, but God's love is constant and and it is intense, and is awesome like a mighty rushing river. I want to worship Him, for all He's done, for all that He is.
Today I am going to look out my front windows and look past the damp, driery weather to the splendor of God's goodness to me. I am going to look out at my yard and see it piled high with the Christ-bought favor of God, I am going to see it piled high with diamonds and gold, with marble and ivory, I am going to see exquisite masterpieces of artistry. It is already there, but today I am going to open my eyes to see it. Then I am going to worship my Father-God and dance in "fields of grace".
I love my Father, my Father loves me
I dance for my Father, my Father sings over me
And nothing, nothing, nothing can take that away from me.
- Big Daddy Weave "Fields of Grace"

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