Friday, February 03, 2006

Put on a garment of praise

I just want to say, quickly, what a healing, cleansing, liberating thing it was to worship tonight. To leave my junk at His feet and just worship God for who He IS!!!!! I hear that a lot at church but it meant so much to me tonight! Last night (on the first night of the conference) I had such a difficult time entering into the worship because I was thinking "I just don't feel like jumping up and down and saying 'God is good, Praise the Lord!' I feel like singing 'no one knows the trouble I've seen...' " But isn't our Father so faithful to invite us out of that and into Him?!!! I am so thankful. So I just want to encourage you, even if it's just to put on a CD and dance before the Lord. To come into His presence with songs of praise!! And tade your heaviness for a garment of praise.
By the way - the photo is of Beth dancing to praise music in our living room. The photo's not so great but I love how it captures her enthusiasm!!!

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