Thursday, February 23, 2006

Blessed be the Lord who daily bears us up.

Photo is of Katie-Abigail yesterday eating Bannana & Nilla Wafers
I've been sick all week. On Monday it hit me like a Mac Truck: body aches, sinus pressure, the whole enchilada. On Monday. My recover-from-the-weekend-day, my I-wash-dishes-start-on-laundry-return-home-to-normal-day!! And I was curled up on the couch with my pillow & a blanket watching Finding Nemo with my three girls.
I have been praying Psalm 68:19 "Blessed be the Lord who daily bears us up. Our God is our salvation." for about a week now, but on Monday I was praying "Lord, how are you going to bear me up today?" In reply the heavens opened, choruses of angels began to sing and my husband walked through the door before lunchtime and said "Because of the rain I can't do anything more today. Can I help you?" Hallelujah! The Lord is good! I went to bed and Daniel washed laundry and all of my dishes!!
Tuesday Daniel came down sick too and though I feel better than I did on Monday we are now quite a grumpy, sore-throated little crew. Being half-sick is the pits.
This leads me to a question. Why do I feel like my life is so chaotic? Today my goals for the day are 1) Drink a cup of coffee while it's still hot & 2) get dressed. Neither of which I was able to do yesterday. Why is this? Is it simply because I have three ages 4 and under? This is not a rhetorical question. What do YOU do to reduce chaos in your life? What are the things that help you feel okay about a day, or make you feel like your day is spinning out of control?
I look forward to hearing from you!
While you're online read this by John Piper. Here's the first bit: I write this on the eve of prostate surgery. I believe in God’s power to heal—by miracle and by medicine. I believe it is right and good to pray for both kinds of healing. Cancer is not wasted when it is healed by God. He gets the glory and that is why cancer exists. So not to pray for healing may waste your cancer. But healing is not God’s plan for everyone. And there are many other ways to waste your cancer. I am praying for myself and for you that we will not waste this pain.

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a suburban housewife said...

I have a solution (not really). Sophia told me the other day that she really wants a sister. My reply was that we would have to pray for God to give us another baby and she said, "No, I don't want you to have a baby in your tummy, I just want Beth to live with us and be my new sister!!"

So there you have it. We could share your daughter and your load would be decreased by 33% half of the time!!

Love you guys.