Saturday, December 31, 2005

Overcoming the Enemy

This blog got a very "light" start, but I don't intend to blog trivial things only...
I was reading the other night in "Praying God's Word" by Beth Moore in her section "Overcoming the Enemy" she shared some wonderful insights and some powerful scriptures and I wanted to share one or two quotes here...
She wrote about her journey from being an interest to a concern to a threat to the Enemy and the "sifting" that followed "I had lived successfully for years... but not victoriously. Oh how wise we are to undestand the mamoth difference. Successfully can describe how we handle relatively managable challenges that the unbliever could manage just as well. We are simply spared any overwhelming challenges for a while. Victoriously describes how we live as overcomers in the midst of Goliath opposition... I suffered terrible nightmares, choking attacks, fear, confusion, unparalleled feelings of powerlessness and life-despairing defeat. Satan attacked me from every side and continually caught me off guard... I believe that Satan saw a young woman in her early thirties whose heart was a shattered piece of glass still holding itself together. It just needed a good nudge to come crashing to the floor. He broke me, all right. But God brought biblical brokenness from those shattered pieces and humility from my humiliation. God lovingly came to me in my heap of despair and disaster and seemed to kiss the elbows and knees I had scraped in the fall. He said to me heart whay I'll try to put into words: "Child, if you're really going to do this thing, you're going to have to give Me unhidered access to your entire heart, mind, soul and body. Wholeness will come when you've given youself to Me wholly and let Me fill every empty place in your life. Now you've learned what Satan can do. Are you ready to learn to stand and fight?" ... I believe a wise conclusion to draw from the emphases in the Word of God is: give much time and thought to becoming well-equipped victors in the battle that rages, but give more time to the pursuit of the heart of God and all things concerning Him."
And here is something she quoted from the beloved Spurgeon "When the Archenemy finds a weak place in the walls of our castles, he takes care where to plant his battering ram and begin his siege. You may conceal your infirmity, even from your dearest friend, but you will not conceal it from your worst Enemy. He has lynx eyes and detects in a moment the weak point in your armor. He goes about with a match, and though you may think you have covered all the gunpowder of your heart, he knows how to find a crack to put his match through. Much mischief will he do, unless eternal mercy prevents." (quoted from Spurgeon on Prayer and Spiritual Warfare)
I have been walking through a season of battle - nothing like what Beth Moore experienced - but a battle nontheless. I have felt so powerless and felt already defeated but I am so encouraged that these seasons of coming under seige are because Daniel & I are becoming a growing threat to the kingdom of darkness, or as our pastor says "new levels, new devils"...
I am simply encouraged and strengthened to think of God coming to me in my brokenness and healing all my wounds even in the middle of waging war.
Well, I have to go now. I hope these jumbled thoughts are encouraging to you!!!

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