Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Seven ways I want to grow:
  1. To become so convinced of God's love for me that I am able to shower love on others.
  2. To become a more organized person
  3. To be able to do one thing at a time and to do that one thing well.
  4. To become an excellent friend
  5. To become a better cook
  6. To be more self-controlled with my diet
  7. To be more self-controlled with my words (especially with my family)
Seven things I love:
  1. The sound of my daughters singing praise songs
  2. My husband dancing with my daughters
  3. My baby's smile
  4. Clouds in the evening
  5. Chocolate Mousse Ice Cream
  6. Pizza & late night movies
  7. The snuggly feeling when I first wake up in the morning - the sheets are so warm and I feel sooo comfortable on the pillow...
Pet peeve: The sound of chewing

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